“It’s estimated that around half of the state’s one million construction workers are undocumented, leaving hundreds of thousands vulnerable to wage theft and exploitation.” – Remezcla


“What is the “American Dream?” What do you sacrifice to achieve it? But most importantly, who gets to experience it? ... Does the dream even exist? And lastly, for whom is it a tangible goal and for whom is it an elusive far-fetched, well, dream?” – The Hollywood Reporter


“An eye-opener about the abuse of workers whose immigration status makes them victims... it is a worthy addition to debates over how we deal with immigrants and what we demand of employers.” – Latino Rebels


The Film

In Texas, construction workers face the deadliest conditions in the country. BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM is a feature documentary that follows three immigrant families who are rising up to seek justice and equality in an industry rife with exploitation.

Themes in the Film:

  • Labor

  • Grassroots organizing

  • Wage theft

  • DACA/Dreamer

  • Immigration

  • Local Politics